My Side of the Canal

My Side of the Canal is an area about one mile long and one block wide. I want to show the world the photographs I have made here over the past 17 years. This photography project will paint an intimate picture of the area between the Fremont and Ballard Bridges, within one block of the water.

Lots of people know the Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle. My side of the canal is what you see across the water from there. Sometimes it feels like the land that time forgot. The major businesses are ship building, fishing and lumber. There are a few marinas that a colorful community calls home. Not many people come over here without a specific reason.

I’ve walked between these bridges countless times since 1995, nearly every time with a camera. I now have thousands of photos. Last year a bike trail replaced some railroad tracks. More people know about my side of the canal now.

In October I will have a show of some of my photographs at the Fremont Coffee Company, a popular, locally owned coffee shop just across the canal.

I am making a limited edition of 50 small books of 12 pictures each. These are 3″x3″ hardcover books I print and make myself.

How to help: Make a contribution using the button below. Contributors of $25 or more will receive one of the 50 books, as supplies last. All contributors will receive a hand-made postcard in the mail.

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  1. A very cool project you’ve created. Wish I could make it to one of your shows. I like to think that I was one of your earliest fans.

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