First slide from My Side of the Canal – 1995

Frame #2 from the oldest slides I have found from the canal.
Ektachrome – gonna be hard to scan these. This heron used to hang around near the boat. Taken at LECO Marina, Foss in the background.

I’m going through slides now pulling out pictures from the canal. I may find something older, but this was defiintely from 1995.

My Side of the Canal

I’ve been working on a project for about 16 years, I just launched phase two. To most people it will look like phase one. Whatever, I’m getting ready to show a whole bunch of photos from My Side of the Canal.
I’ve lived on West Ewing Street since 1995. My project is basically this street. The parameters are between the Fremont Bridge and Ballard Bridge on the south side of the Seattle Ship Canal, within one block of the water.

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This is an interesting area of fishing, ship building and lumber business. Old Seattle. Until very recently it felt like time had completely passed it by. Now there’s a new bicycle trail and proposals to build an office park.
I’ll be having a show of prints at the Fremont Coffee Company in October. The longer term goal is a book.
My next phase is filtering through the thousands of images I have tagged “MSOC” (My Side of the Canal) and choosing about 50 for the October show. Please comment on them and help me choose. Like many photographers, I’m a bad editor of my own work.
From the set I show at FCC I will choose some for a self-published book and see where it goes from there.
I am using Kickstarter to help fund this – if you’d like to contribute and get some photos or a book in return please check out this page – it’s got a bunch of pictures and a video.